Windows on Arm for windows phone

Hello. 😅 I will today be show you how to deploy w10 arm64 to you're windows handset

For Lumia 950/950XL only


Go here to get the install.wim (to stay safe, just get the latest stable official iso for w10 arm64) get the 19041.1 install.wim from here if you have trouble getting it. Windows will try to update but may cause issues. Run this .bat file as administrator in file manager to stop\start update service

1. Use wpinternals to unlock the bootloader on 950/XL
NOTE- if you have sdcard, take it out important*

2. Boot into mass storage mode on your Lumia 

3. Open the deployer browse to the 'install.wim' 

It will be in the 'sources' folder in the output iso just double click the iso file and navigate to 'sources' folder.

4. Deploy. make a coffee sit back.. and wait 🤞

Make sure your Lumia is fully charged

If all goes well you can force power down the 950/XL and boot to a developer menu where you can choose what os to boot. Use the up/down volume buttons and click on the camera button to select 'Windows 10'

After first boot to desktop, you can enter mass storage mode in developer menu  and enable dual boot in WoA deployer menu to keep windows 10 mobile

There's also Mobile Shell a lightweight 'launcher' for w10 arm. I recommend check it out 👍

Profit & Enjoy 🤗. 

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for your actions with your Lumia handset. If It is your decision to proceed you agree with the developer that you take 100% responsibility and accept that in the event your Lumia becomes a black shiny paperweight, it is a result of your decisions/actions.