Pixel Experience for S10 series

Based on android 11


  • Android OS version: 11.0.0_r15
  • Security patch level: November 2020
  • Build author/Device Maintainer: turbolukex5
  • ROM Developer: jhenrique09

Once the device is prepared proceed to boot into TWRP 

Advanced wipe - check the following, swipe right on the slider to confirm

Dalvik cache

Install the rom.zip file you downloaded earlier 

*NOTE* GApps included in the rom.zip 

Beyond0lte = s10e 
Beyond1lte = s10
Beyond1lte = s10+

Install magisk boot image to boot partition 

(Install image , select magiskbootimg.img select boot)

Reboot device 👍

Once you've connected to a network, install magisk manager 

Run environmental setup , let it reboot. 

Rejoice. 🍺