Guide for installing LineageOs 18.1 on galaxy s10 series (update)

Hi ☺️ in this guide we will be updating from oneui 3+

Download the rom 

magisk (optional)


Download twrp .tar file from here 

Make sure to get the corresponding twrp for your Samsung handset beyond0lte = s10e, beyond1lte = s10, beyond2lte = s10+ 

We will be flashing the twrp.tar file to the AP slot in Odin 

boot the phone into recovery mode and format data then flash the file

It's best to reboot manually back into recovery (Twrp) so the phone storage is properly decrypted then we're ready to install LineageOs 18.1

In the Twrp menu tap on wipe -> advanced wipe then check the following boxes 

System, Data, Dalvik/art cache, cache

Swipe to confirm 

Tap install

Navigate to the file , swipe to confirm the installation. Do the same with the 

To gain root access on the newly installed Rom tap install image then navigate to the magiskboot.img file and swipe to flash 

A popup window will open asking which partition to flash it to, choose boot

You may want to wipe Dalvik/art cache then simply reboot to system

Done. We have now installed lineage Os 18.1 with root access 

You can get the manager.apk from here