[Guide] Unbrick/flash stock on Samsung devices

Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86)

Sometimes we try to modify our handsets and we get it wrong. Today i will be showing you how you can recover your Samsung handheld without too much fuss  🙂

If you're Samsung handset still turns on, but goes to download mode or else, just follow these steps:

Prerequisites: windows PC, USB drivers, frija firmware download tool, Odin , soft bricked or malfunctioning Samsung device

The author takes reservation in a no responsibility of any further damages that may occur using this guide policy. 

Install the Samsung USB driver and visual C++ redistributable packets, unzip Odin to new folder, or right-click and extract to" 

Unzip the frija firmware download tool and install it

Note: you'll need to find out the right CSC for your device. Head over to sammobile to get the code. See image below 

Next, open the frija.exe file and type in the model and CSC. Then tap check update

Frija will download the latest firmware in zip format to desired location.

Unzip the downloaded file and there will be 4 files that we need : AP CSC BL CP 

With the handset plugged in open odin.exe that you extracted earlier. Load the 4 files accordingly and uncheck auto reboot

(This is so you can perform a hard reset after flashing in Odin is complete.)

Note whether you want to keep your data. Use the CSC to wipe data, the HOME_CSC will keep it (if the phone is in a bricked state it's probably best to wipe data)

Click Start and let it complete then Odin should look like this: 

Next, with phone plugged into PC enter recovery and perform a hard reset of the device. If all went well your Samsung smartphone should be functional 🍻